Meetings out in the open

Rural meetings by the Schie river

A meeting by the river Schie in Delft is a meeting at a beautiful, small-scale location out in the open. With a wonderful view of small woods and a lake, everyone is bound to feel far away from their own workplace. Delflandhoeve is only 5 km away from the city center of Delft and nearby big cities The Hague and Rotterdam.

Delflandhoeve can be found in the middle of the countryside. The farm lies on 7.5 ha own ground and is surrounded by the Abtswoudse Bos woods. It is a special place for meetings and conferences: what is a better way to discuss business than in a rural area, having the choice to work inside or outside, and enjoying a lovely walk or a little canoe trip through the Abtwoudse Bos during lunchtime?

Inside or outside

Discussing business in the former cow shed

You and your group will be exclusively present on Delflandhoeve farm. The old cow shed behind the main residence has been transformed into two beautiful, connected spaces with a free view on the wonderful scenery outside. The hall on the ground floor has been opened up to the top of the roof for a feeling of spaciousness. The loft is on the former haymow and has a more private character with its inclined walls. Besides these two rooms, you also have access to a separate lunch area, a large terrace outside, a big stretch of grass and an indoor haystack. The entire area is surrounded by a vegetable garden, orchard, woods and grass land that, if the weather allows it, offer many possibilities for outside work sessions and hikes. There is plenty of space for business gatherings for groups of 12 to 60 people, such as meetings, training sessions, creative brainstorm sessions, kick-off meetings or private conferences.


From our own vegetable garden and orchard

Delflandhoeve provides coffee, tea, lunches, healthy snacks and drinks. Delflandhoeve visitors have been particularly satisfied with our lunches of homemade soups, green salads, fresh bread and lots of fruit. We use mainly products from our own vegetable garden and orchard, and honey from our own bees. It is also possible to end the business meeting with a drink, dinner or barbecue. We will then collaborate with established catering companies.

Healthy, fit and fresh

Meeting break: athletic or creative?

It is possible to interrupt or close your meeting with an outdoor activity. Delflandhoeve offers plenty of possibilities. Walking around the farm yard or in the adjacent Abtswoudse Bos woods is a great way to get some fresh air. A more athletic challenge is to explore the Lage Abtswoudse polder by canoe. Delflandhoeve has both Canadian canoes and kayaks available for rent. In the spirit of team building, it is possible to organize games like sheep herding or archery on the grounds. Delflandhoeve has plenty of experience with this and often collaborates with reliable outdoor agencies. For something a bit more low-key: in the summer, groups often use the large stretch of grass for some soccer games.


Staff outing

A unique service Delflandhoeve offers is the excellent combination of a corporate meeting and informal activities. A team building meeting at the end of a work year or a staff meeting up until 120 people is even better when combined with recreation.

For example, with a nice BBQ, hexathlon, outdoor games, theater, music, or canoeing, you can create an exciting program for your coworkers. We would love to help you with this and can make you an indicative business proposal.