Meetings practical information

Rooms for meetings

Peaceful and spacious rooms in a former farm

As a group, you have exclusive use of the farm. A lovely renovated cow shed consists of several rooms for your meeting. You have access to the ground floor hall (8 by 10 meters) and the loft on the first floor (6 by 10 meters with a pitched roof). The hall on the first floor has a very spacious feeling because it has been opened up to the top of the roof. The adjoining loft on the second floor has a cozier and more private atmosphere, by being a transformed former haymow with slanted walls. For lunch and meeting breaks, you can use the adjacent but separate lunch area (7 by 9 meters), a large terrace, and stretch of grass and an indoor haystack. The maximum capacity for business meetings at Delflandhoeve is 60 people; the minimum amount is 12 people. The rooms can be set up to your liking, for example by putting chairs in a circle, u-shape or theater arrangement. The loft and lunch area are often used for working in smaller groups or as informal workplaces.

The room is equipped with two flipcharts, a beamer with screen, speakers and wireless internet connection.


Meeting breaks

For a short meeting break or some fresh air during lunchtime, you can take a walk around the Delflandhoeve grounds or a hike through the adjacent Abtswoudse Bos woods. If you are interested, we have a beautiful walking trail of about 30 minutes available.

A more active break is a beautiful canoe route of about 45 minutes from the large pond in the middle of the Delflandhoeve grounds. A bigger route through the Abtswoudse Bos (about 2.5 hours) is a great way to experience the rural area.

Staff outing

For an athletic or creative addition to your staff meeting or outing, we offer a variety of activities in collaboration with outdoor agencies: sheep herding, sand sculptures, highland games, watercolor paintings, etc. We can complete your morning, afternoon or entire day with lunch, dinner, barbeque or buffet.


From our own vegetable garden and orchard

Delflandhoeve provides for coffee, tea, lunches, healthy snacks and drinks. We mainly use products from our own vegetable garden and orchard. Lunch is served as a buffet and consists of homemade soups, green salads, quality bread and lots of fruit. It is also possible to add a dinner or barbecue to the meeting. We collaborate with established catering companies to arrange these dinners (minimum group 15 persons)

Directions and parking


Delflandhoeve is easily accessible by car via the A13 and the Delft-Zuid exit. There is plenty of free parking available on Delflandhoeve grounds. By public transport, you can reach Delflandhoeve by train to the NS Delft-Campus train station. From there, you can rent a public transport bike or call us for a pickup service. From the NS Delft-Campus train station, you can also hike to Delflandhoeve through the Abtswoudse Bos woods or along the Schie river.