Green oasis

A beautiful campsite on the outskirts of Delft

Camping in the outdoors is Delflandhoeve’s specialty. The 7 ha grounds offer a lot of variation: grass strips alternate with a more rugged terrain and hayfields, an orchard, ditches, ponds and many small widespread woods. And what can be better than picking out your own place to set up your tent: close to the water, with a view of water birds and canoeists, hidden behind the trees, out in the warm sun, far away on an idyllic little spot, or, on the other hand, nice and close to the sanitary facilities? Delflandhoeve does not have restricted camping spaces, so no matter where you set up your tent, there is a beautiful view and you will feel right in the middle of the countryside. The campsite is located in the middle of the Abtswoudse Bos woods, where you can hike, bike, skate and canoe as much as you like. At the center of the grounds is a large pond from where you can take canoes out into the polder. The Abtswoudse Bos is located south of Delft and in the green Midden-Delfland area: a wonderful polder scene with bike paths everywhere.

Camping in the outdoors

Surrounded by pheasants, hares and birds

Delflandhoeve is a beautiful, spacious and green campsite with sanitary facilities available. We are open from April 26th till September 1st and have about 40 camping spots available. Everyone with a caravan, camper or tent (all up untill 5,5 meters) is more than welcome. You are allowed to choose your own beautiful spot on one of the grass fields. 6A electricity connections can be found throughout the campsite. Furthermore, the Delflandhoeve terrain is car free. There is a separate parking lot. Around the reception building, free Wi-Fi is available.

The Delflandhoeve campsite is located in the Lage Abtswoudse polder on peatland, which is the reason for our relatively short camping season of about 5 months. During these months, the peat is dry and the turf is firm and suitable for camping. In the 2024 season, we open on Friday April 26th and close on Sunday the 1st of September.

Delflandhoeve has a very large terrain with grass fields and about 40 camping spots. This way, all our guests can find a beautiful green spot throughout the entire season. For arriving our front desk is open from 11 to 12 am, 3 to 5 pm and from 7 to 8 pm. We kindly request that guests arrive during these time slots. We do not allow late arrival (after 8 pm).

Delflandhoeve has a small, quiet campsite in immediate vicinity of the cities Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam. We do not accept groups, young people or students.

Green, spacious,
and clean sanitary

Quiet and modest

The Delflandhoeve campsite can be characterized as green and clean with neat sanitary facilities. The facilities are well maintained, which our guests are happy with. Most of the camping spots are equipped with 6A electricity connection. There are also several water taps and a discharge for the chemical toilet.

Upon arrival, guests will receive a map with practical information such as hiking trails and biking routes in the surrounding area. Also included is tourist information about the city Delft. The reception building contains a small library.

At the front desk, we sell drinks, ice cream and our own products if available (honey, fruit and jam). Fire pits including wood stacks are also available. Near the reception building, there is free wireless internet.

Kayaks, canoes and some (city)bikes can be rented.

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