Camping practical information


Camping places in the open

Delflandhoeve has a large, green, quiet campground. There are no restricted camping spaces, but rather, you are able to pick your own spot: on the waterfront, between the trees, close to the sanitary facilities, on your own away from everyone else, etc. Spread throughout the grounds are 6A electricity connection points. Delflandhoeve is a car free campground. Camping equipment of up until 5,5 meters is welcome. Because Delflandhoeve is a popular tourist campground, you are welcome to stay with us up until 3 weeks. To spare the grass, it may be possible that you have to move spaces (after 6-7 days). We do not accept groups, young people or students.

Opening hours
camping 2024

Arrival times

Delflandhoeve is open during the 2024 season from April 26th until September 1st. A few years ago, we renovated one of our barns and turned it into a reception building. We will welcome you here when you arrive. You can arrive between 11-12 am, 3-5 pm and 7-8 pm. Late arrival (after 8 pm) is not possible. Upon arrival, you will receive a map with information about the camping ground and surrounding area. Free Wi-Fi is available around the reception building.



We kindly request that you pay for your stay upon your arrival. At the front desk, Delflandhoeve sells drinks, coffee and tea, homemade honey and products from our vegetable garden and orchard, if available.

Canoes and bikes

Taking the kayak or Canadian canoe out into the countryside

Delflandhoeve rents out two or three person Canadian canoes and one or two person kayaks. From the large pond in the middle of the grounds, you have a choice of two beautiful routes through the Lage Abtswoudse polder: a short trail of 45 minutes and a longer route of 2.5 hours. You can start 11am, 2pm or 5pm. Information and maps are available at the front desk.

A trip to Delft by bike

For camping guests who would like to make a bike ride to the city of Delft, Delflandhoeve has a limited amount of city bikes available. Cycling along the Schie river, you will reach the city center of Delft in about 20 minutes.

Directions and parking


Delflandhoeve is easily accessible by car via the A13 and the Delft-Zuid exit. After taking the exit, you drive in the direction of Naaldwijk/Schipluiden and take another exit at Schieoevers. From there, you can simply follow the camping signs for another 3 kilometers. Caravan owners want to make sure not to take the Schiedam exit and scenic route often suggested by navigation devices: this route is not very easily accessible with a caravan. There is plenty of free parking available on Delflandhoeve grounds.

For campers who prefer traveling by public transport, you can reach Delflandhoeve by train to the Delft-Campus train station. From there, you can rent a public transport bike. You can also hike to Delflandhoeve through the Abtswoudse Bos woods or along the Schie river.