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The Delflandhoeve offers many available activities arrangements. In collaboration with other entrepreneurs, we can offer activities related to sports, nature, agriculture, art and culture. Activities can be combined with a lunch, high tea, buffet or barbecue. For this, two indoor spaces in the farm, a space in the barn, the covered haystack and part of the outside grounds are available. The Delflandhoeve can also offer activities in collaboration with other corporations in the Midden-Delfland area or in the cities of Delft and Rotterdam. Arrangements can be custom-made for the occasion: for young and old, with or without catering, for one or multiple days.

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At the Delflandhoeve, in the city of Delft or in Midden-Delfland

There are a few activities the Delflandhoeve is able to arrange on its own, but for most of the activities we will collaborate with partners who will provide the material and assistance. All athletic and creative activities can be combined with or supplemented with a lunch, drinks, barbecue or buffet.

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Activities will always be put together in consultation with you. You can click here for our contact details.