The new Abtswoudse Bos

veehouderijbedrijf van winden 1950
1 June 2016
het begin van de delflandhoeve 2000
The History of Delflandhoeve
1 June 2016
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The new Abtswoudse Bos

nieuwe natuur bij delft

Abtswoudse Bos

Landscaped around 2001-2002

To counter the expansion of new Delft and Schiedam districts and to protect the peat meadows of the Midden-Delfland area, the Reconstruction Act Midden-Delfland was invoked by the governments in the last century. One of the goals of this act was to set up new natural and recreational areas south of the city Delft in order to prevent that, after the building of the Tanthof district, more city districts would take over the green area. But it was also landscaped to offer new recreation possibilities to the inhabitants of Delft and the surrounding areas. The nature and recreation area on the south border of Delft has been named Abtswoudse Bos, and is characterized by small woods, open areas of rugged terrain, grassy landscapes and lots of waterways. The Abtswoudse Bos currently also has two beautiful canoe routes and plenty of trails to follow for hiking and biking. In any case, the Abtswoudse Bos offers a green ground for camping under the stars!

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