The History of Delflandhoeve

nieuwe natuur bij delft
The new Abtswoudse Bos
1 June 2016
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The History of Delflandhoeve

het begin van de delflandhoeve 2000

The History of Delflandhoeve

Ad in the Delftse Post paper

In 2001, there was an ad in the local paper Delftse Post: entrepreneur wanted to set up a new recreational business in the new Abtswoudse Bos. This new recreational business was to be set up in the former Van Winden family farm, and would have to at least contain a green campsite. How enthusiastic we were! Admittedly, the farm was in a bad state (it had been abandoned for over ten years), and the new Abtswoudse Bos was yet to be planted. But we were excited!

We came up with a business plan for meetings, parties, activities, camping and canoeing, and were able to move into Delflandhoeve in 2003. The buildings and grounds had to be renovated drastically, and the campsite, with all its facilities, still had to be set up. But in 2006 it was time: Delflandhoeve opened its doors (and outdoors)!

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