nieuwe natuur bij delft
The new Abtswoudse Bos
1 June 2016
Toon alles


veehouderijbedrijf van winden 1950


In the past,

Delflandhoeve was a livestock company with about 40 dairy cows. A cow shed, hay stack and machine shed could be found on the farm yard; fruit and vegetables grew in the garden. The farm was surrounded by large grasslands and lots of water: the typical peat meadows south of Delft. A string of dairy farms along the narrow road next to the Schie river. The dike shows a spectacular view of the Schie on the one side, and on the other an open grassland with the Delft-Rotterdam train on the horizon. Until the 1990s, this area was home to the Van Winden family, with the farm being passed on from father to son.

Unfortunately, this came to an end in the 90s. The national, provincial and municipal governments decided Delft’s south border needed new nature, new recreational purposes. A Reconstruction Act stated that several farms along the Schie would lose their agricultural purpose and that the area would be set-up with new nature and new recreation. This also happened to the lands of the Van Winden family. As a result, the family left the farm in the 90s and exchanged it for a livestock business in the northern province of Groningen.

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